Dakota, Logistics in Real Time


Dakota is a company born for the great challenges: we believe that the continuous search for new solutions and progress in production technologies are fundamental elements to face them.
The commercial success and the constant increase in sales volumes are the best witnesses to our commitment.
After establishing itself as a leader in the production and marketing of construction products on the national market,
Dakota has decided to open its borders to the international dimension thanks to new offices in Spain, Portugal and Romania.
Dakota is proud to advance its expansion thanks to new technologies and increasingly prepared human resources for the future.
Innovation, strategy, research and development will guarantee the best results in the sector, providing increasingly satisfying opportunities and solutions suitable for the construction world and the like.


Objectives achieved and Requirements met by the WMS System

Complete functional coverage of product logistics
Integration with the existing information system, preserving all the features
Meet the required performances
Reliability of Warehouse stocks
Maximum usage of the physical space of the warehouse
Detailed traceability of the goods
Reduction of picking and shipping errors
Punctual KPI availability
Multi-Company Management and Remote Warehouses

Proposed System

A Silwa standard configuration has been proposed for the management of the following logistics flows

Logistics Flow Name

Macromodule (WMS, FGS, Automation)

Installed Modules

The following Silwa modules have been installed

Module Name

Module Description