3D Silwa Application Module

View the plant in virtual reality to speed up all operations.

It is possible to reconstruct the entire logistics environment in 3D, including structures, vehicles and objects. The possibility of interacting with the virtual representation of the plant and its components makes internal activities more immediate and efficient.


  • The whole system, at a glance

    The virtual representation, faithful and detailed, allows you to keep the plant under control more easily. In fact, it is easier to organize the activities of the operators, check their progress and optimize time, space and operations.

  • More efficiency, zero errors

    The 3D module does not just provide a visual representation of the system, but allows direct access – with one click – to all objects. This enables an extra level of control, which translates into more efficiency and zero errors.


  • Easy interaction with the logistics environment

  • Acceleration of all activities

  • Increased agility and flexibility

  • Improved control and supervision of all activities