Our Mission

By more than 25 years, we have been accompanying companies in the redesign of warehouse and production and logistics activities, through reliable and advanced software solutions that save time and money. Our modular platform, Silwa®, transforms the internal supply chain into a strategic asset for the success of every company.

Our Values

  • [ Innovation ]

    We deeply believe in the value of innovation and we are ready to integrate any proven technology into our solution

  • [ Competence ]

    We face the challenges of the market thanks to advanced technical skills and over 25 years of experience, always alongside our customers

  • [ Responsability ]

    The success of those who turn to Stesi is our highest goal, towards which we feel a strong and sincere sense of responsibility

  • [ Support ]

    Our partners can always count on our intervention, timely support and trusted advice to optimize logistics flows

Our History

Stesi was founded in 1996 as an Italian company specialized in the design, implementation and start-up of supervision software for integrated logistics and production systems. The company’s vision has been clear since the very beginning: to transform the internal supply chain, in particular warehouse and production flows, into a cornerstone of every company, on which to build its competitive advantage.

If in 1996 logistics was a cost to be minimized, over the years it has become increasingly strategic for the success of companies, having to support increasingly dynamic, fast and connected markets.

Since its foundation, Stesi has followed and directed the market, has been able to update itself, face increasingly articulated and complex challenges by relying on complete mastery of the technical field and on a real customer culture, which takes the form of constant and high-value consultancy support.

Today, Stesi is a consolidated reality that boasts excellent partnerships, advanced technical certifications and prestigious Italian and international references. Its proprietary solution, Silwa®, is an innovative tool capable of optimizing – thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies – all the logistical and production flows of modern companies, accompanying them towards a successful future.