Stesi Silwa-soluzioni di logistica


Optimize warehouse and production logistics with comprehensive, stand-alone software that blends the robustness and quality of the Silwa® suite with the benefits of an all-in-one product and a high price/quality ratio.

Perchè SilwaGO

With SilwaGO, you transform warehouse and production logistics into an element of differentiation and competitive advantage. It is a complete product that optimizes all logistics flows, allows a correct exploitation of spaces and a significant reduction of logistics costs.

  • Supply Chain Cost Reduction

    Optimizing all logistics flows reduces the resources required to execute missions, with a significant reduction in all costs, including hidden ones.

  • Increased productivity and efficiency

    Data-driven optimization of internal logistics allows the company to maximize the productivity of all resources, operators and vehicles.

  • Perfect utilization of logistic space

    SilwaGO enables the mapping of physical space and allows to optimize its exploitation during logistics operations, cutting down inefficiencies.

  • Benefits of digitilization

    SilwaGO is the opportunity for many companies to dematerialize and optimize logistics flows, replacing paper documentation with the modern user experience of mobile devices.


  • A complete and scalable product

    SilwaGO manages and optimizes all the flows of internal logistics, from the entry of goods to the shipment. It is a complete product that dynamically follows the evolutions of the warehouse, guaranteeing reliability and performance in every circumstance.

  • Silwa® reliability

    SilwaGO builds on the strength of Silwa®, Stesi’s Supply Chain Execution suite. The product incorporates some advanced features taken from the suite and builds on the company’s 25 years of experience.

  • Tailored to small and medium-sized enterprises

    The product is designed to meet the needs of all the companies that want to transform logistics into an element of competitive advantage. The distinctive feature of SilwaGO is the excellent quality/price ratio.


Turn internal logistics into a competitive advantage with a complete, reliable and scalable product: download the brochure now.