Stesi Silwa-soluzioni di logistica


Maximize plant efficiency by knowing in real time the position of the handling equipment. SilwaCAM is a Real Time Location System (RTLS) that allows you to optimize missions, reducing time and costs of warehouse logistics.

Why SilwaCAM

SilwaCAM gives your logistics system a boost. More productivity, safety, lower costs and reduced environmental impact.

  • Maximum performance

    Knowing in real time the location of logistics vehicles, it is possible to optimize missions and routes, exponentially increasing the productivity of vehicles and operators.

  • Riduci tempi e costi della logistica

    Refining routes and missions means reducing vehicle uptime, with significant cost benefits.

  • Maximum safety

    Thanks to the RTLS technology it is possible to prevent collisions between vehicles and possible accidents. SilwaCAM can be integrated with safety and alarm systems.

  • Reducing environmental impact

    Optimizing vehicle routes and missions has a beneficial impact on energy consumption, eliminates waste, and promotes environmental sustainability.


  • Complete tracking system

    SilwaCAM includes all the necessary elements to enable the indoor localization (RTLS) of logistics assets. The system is scalable and easily integrated into any environment.

  • Integrability

    SilwaCAM can be easily integrated into any logistics environment, regardless of the vehicles, technologies and information systems adopted.

  • Maximum performance

    SilwaCAM makes use of optical technology, which enables accurate and reliable detection. Compared to alternative technologies, it offers similar reliability but greater simplicity of implementation.


Learn how SilwaCAM turns logistics into a competitive advantage: download the brochure now.