Stesi Silwa-soluzioni di logistica

Silwa, la soluzione integrata per la logistica di magazzino e la produzione

Meet your customers’ expectations with agility and efficiency thanks to a single proprietary, modular and scalable platform that, by combining the functionality of a WMS and a MES, controls and optimizes all warehouse logistics and production flows.


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    Usage autonomy

    We customize our Supply Chain Execution platform after a careful assessment of our customers’ needs. Silwa® is highly configurable even by non-computer personnel, to ensure the greatest possible agility and productivity.

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    The highly scalable platform guarantees high performance even with peaks of activity. The operativity of Silwa® is guaranteed by a constant assistance that manifests itself in surgical maintenance interventions, with a very low level of invasiveness.

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    Volume and scalability

    Our platform is able to handle very high volumes of operations and thus meet the needs of any company, reducing the time of production and logistics operations. Silwa® adapts to your growth with maximum scalability.

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    Integrable and Future-Proof

    Ours is a future-proof solution. The platform can be integrated with all the most effective and promising solutions in the logistics universe, in a technology-independent manner: geolocation systems (RTLS), enterprise information platforms, advanced automation technologies.

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    Proprietary, customizable and integrable solution

    Silwa® is our proprietary solution with which we optimize warehouse logistics and production flows of companies. For this reason, we can intervene without limits on the software, customizing and integrating it with respect to any need and any business information system.

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    Multi-station and Multi-language

    Modularity and functional completeness of the solution fit perfectly with any logistics system and network. Silwa® supports multi-company, multi-site and remote warehouse configurations.

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    Modern & Mobile UX

    A modern and effective User Experience makes operators more efficient, connected and productive. Natively mobile and based on ergonomic interfaces, the user experience is the result of a continuous improvement process fed by the constant feedback from users.

Applicative Modules

Silwa® is a scalable and flexible solution. Modularity allows us to customize the solution to the specific needs of companies.