Stesi Silwa-soluzioni di logistica


Exponentially increase the productivity of your logistics facility and touch the benefits of the 4.0 paradigm through the integration of automated and semi-automated means.

Why SilwaMID

SilwaMID is a stand-alone, ‘4.0 Ready’ software that enables connection between any information system in use and field devices, including AGVs, handling systems and automated warehouses.

  • Productivity without compromise

    By connecting with automated systems, sensors and devices, SilwaMID results in extraordinary productivity and efficiency benefits.

  • Costs reduction

    Automation and interconnection between field devices enable a new level of efficiency, with a beneficial impact on warehouse logistics costs.

  • Increased security

    Automation increases safety because it reduces accidents, collisions and injuries. Thanks to SilwaMID, the system can also be integrated with safety and alarm devices.


  • Compatible with any plant

    SilwaMID does not require replacement of the systems in use. The software is compatible with any operational enterprise information system, from WMS to departmental systems.

  • Software 4.0 Ready

    SilwaMID is a stand-alone software that not only provides productivity and scalability benefits, but also enables the transition to the Industry 4.0 paradigm.

  • Scalable system

    SilwaMID supports the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s logistics plants. Its functionalities can be implemented in a progressive way, following the evolution of the plant.


Discover how SilwaMID enables the benefits of automation without imposing revolutions in the systems in use: download the brochure now.