Stesi Silwa-soluzioni di logistica


Manage the activity of the loading and unloading docks, i.e. the entry and exit of goods, is a pillar of efficient logistics. The Silwa® Slot module allows you to book time slots quickly and intuitively, synchronizing all the preparatory activities of the warehouse staff. In this way, optimizing space, time and resources is at your fingertips. SilwaSLOT is a native cloud system, hosted on Microsoft Azure.


Use loading and unloading docks in a coordinated and efficient way thanks to planning and synchronization with warehouse activities.

  • Reduction of waiting times for trucks in the yards

  • Cost reduction of logistics activities

  • Elimination of penalties for transporter stops

  • Maximizing productivity


  • The benefits of planning

    SilwaSlot allows you to organize and plan the activities of the loading/unloading bays by communicating with the drivers and effectively synchronizing the work of the operators. The company avoids bottlenecks, always keeps processes under control and reduces excessive expectations by carriers, which turn into penalties.

  • Effective communication via app

    SilwaSlot communicates with workers and transporters via an Android app with a modern look and intuitive interface, providing real-time information on the status of operations, waiting times and load information.

  • Performance monitoring and Business Intelligence

    Data analysis allows managers to evaluate the performance of carriers, carriers, suppliers and customers. The module allows you to detect inefficiencies and anomalies, from which productivity recovery strategies.