4ERP Silwa Application Module

Accelerate all logistics and production activities, from order to shipment, thanks to the synergy between Silwa® and your company’s information system

The integration of Silwa® with the ERP system makes the company faster and more flexible in meeting the needs of customers who ask for ever faster and more reliable productions and deliveries. The company information system manages orders in the best possible way and transmits their specifications to Silwa®, which executes and optimizes executive activities (logistics and production) thanks to algorithms, advanced processes and automation systems.


  • An essential step towards logistical efficiency

    In a world dominated by e-commerce, by an explosion of small orders and ever smaller lots, the synergy between the company information system and Silwa® is the foundation of logistics and an efficient factory. Thanks to it, in fact, total synchronization is achieved between business and operations, guaranteeing a healthy and productive company.

  • Can be integrated with all ERP, WMS and MES systems

    We have a large library of data interfaces to all existing systems on any hardware and software platform (Microsoft, IBM, Unix…), with native interfaces to Microsoft systems. From text files to Web Services, we can use all existing technologies to create a profitable synergy between systems, making use of a technical office that is always up to date with the state of the art of programming in this area.


  • Real-time synchronization of executive activities with orders

  • Acceleration of all logistic and production activities

  • Lead-time reduction and efficiency increase

  • Increased customer satisfaction