Silwa eCommerce Application Module

Ship high volumes in a short time with maximum customer satisfaction

eCommerce puts logistics under pressure: orders are increasing, quantities are decreasing, customers want to receive everything immediately. The Silwa® eCommerce module optimizes logistics operations by taking into account the specific needs of online shops, with which can be integrated with. It can handle large volumes of orders, optimize routes and placement of goods to save time and satisfy customers.


  • Order aggregation and optimization

    An efficient eCommerce warehouse optimizes the placement of goods and aggregates orders to manage more than one at the same time, optimizing the paths and activities of the operators. This allows the company to reduce lead times and delivery times, retaining the end customer.

  • Can be integrated with online shops and couriers

    Customers want to know if the product is in stock, out of stock, or decreasing. The integration of Silwa® with online shops allows managers and customers to know the exact stocks, which also take into account the orders present in the system but not yet fulfilled. Furthermore, the module can be integrated with courier and transporter systems, so as to further optimize processing, shipping and delivery times.


  • Simultaneous management of many orders

  • Optimization of shipping and delivery times

  • Customer loyalty

  • Maximum efficiency of logistics operations