Silwa Dispatcher Application Module

Automatically organize and distribute missions to devices and operators, maximizing the efficiency of logistics and production activities

The Dispatcher module is a pillar of the most efficient logistics systems. Unlike traditional WMS, the Dispatcher takes care of organizing and sorting missions in a coordinated and automatic way, assigning them to devices and resources. Among the benefits, the acceleration of all logistics flows, the reduction of errors and an efficient use of vehicles and operators stand out.


  • One control center

    All players, including operators, forklifts and automatic devices are coordinated by a single Supervisor who synchronizes logistics operations, directing them towards maximum efficiency. The constraints and directives are freely manageable from an Administration Console.

  • Coordinated assignment of missions

    The system assigns missions based on various parameters. It takes into account the priority of the operation, the availability of resources, but also the characteristics and constraints of the transport devices. The result is a system that moves in perfect harmony.


  • Faster execution of missions

  • Elimination of operational errors

  • Lead time reduction

  • Greater responsiveness and flexibility in the face of unforeseen orders and events

  • Efficient use of all resources