Silwa Assisted Driving Application Module

Simplify field staff activities by optimizing vehicle routes, movements and safety

Thanks to the virtualisation of the logistics areas, to the powerful algorithms and to the real-time tracking of goods and vehicles, the Assisted Driving module optimizes missions and movements by providing constant guidance and support to the personnel engaged in the field, with important benefits in terms of efficiency, safety and optimal use of space and resources.


  • Position detection and assistance to the forklift driver

    Thanks to the Real Time Location System (RTLS), Silwa® detects the position of the vehicles in real time and can optimize their routes according to the missions and other vehicles in the field. The system has a GPS-like graphic assistance interface for the forklift driver and also helps him in picking and storage operations.

  • Productivity analysis

    In addition to guiding and assisting operators in carrying out missions, the Silwa® module collects activity data and provides useful productivity indicators for the vehicle and fleet, allowing for further improvement in the efficiency of logistics processes.


  • Lead time reduction

  • Increased efficiency of logistics operations

  • Correct execution of processes and errors reduction

  • Increased safety through assistance

  • Reduction of the environmental impact