Silwa Middleware Application Module

Reach extraordinary levels of efficiency thanks to the use and coordination of automatic devices and systems

Silwa® marries automation. The platform can be integrated with sensors, safety devices, fully automatic devices and systems for handling and production. The constant supervision activity carried out by Silwa® ensures transparency, visibility, maximum control and optimization of all logistics activities.


  • Automation: present and future of logistics

    Warehouse logistics is a mixture of value-added activities, managed by human operators, and repetitive operations that can be entrusted to automation. Silwa® allows the integration and control of handling lines, robots, stacker cranes, automatic warehouses, AGVs and production machines. Furthermore, thanks to the Mission Manager module, it is possible to synchronize the automatic activities with those performed by the operators.

  • Sensors and security

    Thanks to the Automation module, Silwa® can be integrated with sensors, RFID platforms, measurement devices (dimensions, weight, pressure, presence…), safety and alarm devices. The platform receives and processes the parameters of the devices, detects the status of the machines and of the missions, allowing them to be optimised.


  • Management and supervision of warehouses, automatic systems and devices

  • Integration with sensors, safety and measurement systems

  • Automation of repetitive tasks

  • Coordination of man/machine activities