Silwa WCS Application Module

It controls and supervises automatic handling devices’ activities.

The WCS module is the heart of the automated warehouse. Its task is the management of automatic handling devices such as stacker cranes, miniloads, AGVs and handling lines, directing their operation toward the highest possible efficiency.


  • Smart automated warehouse management

    The WCS module optimizes the activities, routes, and operations of automated devices by acting in synergy with the WMS. With an experienced supervisor keeping track of all the activity of automated devices, the company optimizes internal logistics and improves customer satisfaction.

  • Maximizing savings and productivity

    Governing automated handling devices in the best possible way has an impact on costs, system productivity, and allows the company to build on internal logistics for its competitive advantage.


  • Reducing warehouse logistics costs

  • Significant productivity gains

  • Increased security of logistics activities

  • Cutting down errors and inefficiencies