Silwa WMS Logistics Application Module

It simplifies and optimizes the management of space, the handling of goods and the use of all resources.

Central to the Silwa® ecosystem, the WMS (Warehouse Management System) optimizes warehouse logistics and makes it a strategic asset for company growth. Thanks to its algorithms, advanced customization possibilities and synergy with mobile devices and IoT technologies, the Logistics module reduces inefficiencies, optimizes the management of space, activities and resources.


  • It improves all warehouse logistics flows

    The WMS supervises and optimizes all executive logistics flows: acceptance, depositing, handling, picking and shipping. It is a scalable solution that easily adapts to the needs of any logistics system and is capable of handling very high volumes of operations.

  • It integrates with enterprise systems, IoT, and mobile devices

    The Logistics module can be integrated with business systems already in use and with innovative technologies. Among the first ones the ERP, with which it develops a real synergy, but also with IoT type devices (sensors, viewers, smartwatch…) and iOS and Android mobile devices.

  • Flexible in logistics space mapping

    With the WMS you can freely map the logistics space, defining for each location various benchmarks such as size, flow rate and slow/fast access. The versatile Silwa® algorithms optimize the handling and location of deposits.


  • Reduction of warehouse logistics costs

  • Optimization of all logistics, resources and staff activities

  • Lead Time Reduction

  • Optimal space occupation

  • Digitization of all executive processes

  • Increased service levels

  • Increased agility and flexibility of logistics activities