Silwa Yard Application Module

Better control the entrances and exits of vehicles, program accesses efficiently and make the most of automation

The Yard module simplifies and accelerates the entry and exit procedures of  Vehicles. Interfaceable with yard devices such as gates, cameras and scales, the module provides real-time information to carriers, manages documentation and guarantees the automation of check-in and check-out procedures, reducing waiting times and optimizing logistics operations .


  • Constant communication with carriers

    Yard communicates the status of operations, the sequence and the parking areas to the drivers through an Android app with an intuitive and optimized interface. Carriers receive notifications, are constantly updated on the status of operations and receive digital documentation directly on their Smart Devices.

  • Automation of procedures and maximum security

    To optimize logistics operations, Yard relies on automation. The integration with the field devices allows the check-in and check-out procedures, including the accompanying documents, to be accelerated and made independent of the operators. The company can monitor all the movements of vehicles and goods thanks to a graphic map updated in real time.


  • Simplification of entrance and exit procedures for vehicles and goods

  • Total control and visibility on procedures

  • Interface with devices on the yard

  • Automation of procedures

  • Strong reduction of times and costs of logistics activities