Silwa Business Intelligence Application Module

Optimize processes, make the best decisions and satisfy market needs by enhancing the data of logistics and production flows.

The Business Intelligence services interactively analyze logistics data and extract performance indicators (KPI) that guide decisions and process optimization. The data-driven approach also makes it possible to make forecasts on future trends and productivity


  • Optimize processes with to the power of data

    Thanks to the descriptive analysis it is possible to evaluate, in a simple and intuitive way, the efficiency of the logistics system and processes based on historical data or real-time surveys. It is an invaluable decision support, because it gives transparency to the activities, identifies any inefficient ones and allows effective management plans to be formulated.

  • More agility and flexibility with the predictive approach

    Data analysis is not limited to showing performance and identifying its causes. In fact, it is possible to adopt a predictive approach to simulate future trends and productivity, hypothesize scenarios and predict, with a good level of precision, the consequences of decisions.


  • Visibility on processes and performance

  • Effective decision support

  • Greater flexibility and rational use of resources

  • Optimization of available resources

  • Identification of critical issues and bottlenecks

  • Predictions on future trends