Silwa Batch Application Module

Track batches in each operational flow and better manage the associated information

The traceability system, from the raw material to the finished product, not only serves to satisfy regulatory requirements but also to improve the transparency of processes, productivity and product quality. The system keeps track of all internal activities and movements, using simple, intuitive and complete interfaces. Tracing the derivatives of a lot has never been easier.


  • All processes under control

    The traceability module creates a system for collecting and managing information relating to all production and logistics activities, from acceptance to shipment. In this way, it is possible to access all the details of the processes simply and quickly, contributing to the improvement of efficiency and productivity.

  • Maximum responsiveness of the unexpected

    The traceability system does not limit itself to making the production process transparent, but allows the cause of defects and unforeseen events to be traced quickly, remedying them in a timely manner. All this has a positive effect on customer loyalty and brand reputation.


  • Maximum transparency of logistic and production activities

  • Improved production efficiency

  • Increase in product quality

  • Compliance with regulations and policies

  • Greater flexibility and ability to accommodate customers