Silwa Safety Application Module

Increase construction site safety and create safe working environments by taking advantage of the most innovative technologies

Safety raises the bar of safety in logistics and production contexts. To safeguard the safety of resources, the Silwa® module enables constant dialogue between machines and operators in the field, so as to prevent accidents and eliminate injuries.


  • Zoning

    Thanks to the constant communication between machines and devices in the field, Zoning prevents dangers for the safety of forklift operators. When the level of risk increases, they promptly receive an alert on their mobile terminal: access to areas presenting dangers, the presence of other vehicles on the route, the obligation to regulate speed or to follow a certain route are some of the hypotheses in which of Zoning are particularly useful. Optionally, it is possible to automate the reaction of the vehicle, making it slow down or brake in the face of a danger.

  • Machine to Machine (M2M)

    Direct communication between handling machines allows collisions and accidents to be avoided. If there is a risk of contact, the Safety module alerts both forklift drivers, preventing accidents. Also in this case it is possible to automate the behavior of the forklift, adding slowdowns or preventive braking to the alerts.

  • Pedestrian to Machine (P2M)

    Carts and pedestrians often work in unison inside warehouses. This optimizes productivity, but exposes operators to the risk of injury. The P2M communication of the Safety module puts the operator’s portable device in communication with the one on board the forklift, mutually warning them of the potential danger.


  • Increased safety during logistic activities

  • Increased productivity and efficiency

  • Reduction of injuries