From 23 to 25 November we will be present at MECSPE, the reference fair in the world of innovation applied to the manufacturing industry. The period of strong change, the expectations of a restart and the awareness that the competitive advantage is built on innovative technologies make this edition of the fair particularly interesting.


Three new products for a year of strong change
We decided to participate in the event not only to strengthen relationships and contribute to innovation in the supply chain world, but also to present three completely new products that solve some of the typical pains of internal logistics, helping companies to restart their momentum: SilwaCAM, SilwaGO and SilwaMID.

The three solutions are based on the experience and solidity of Silwa® but, at the same time, they are conceived as independent products from our Supply Chain Execution Suite and therefore adaptable to any context and information system. The products are born from the observation of the market, from its recent evolutions and from the needs of our interlocutors, who every day have to deal with a necessary change towards more efficient and productive models.


SilwaCAM locates handling equipment
SilwaCAM is the stand-alone product that enables the geolocation of vehicles in indoor logistics systems with quality and precision, but without requiring heavy investments or radical technological updating.

Companies can benefit from the localization of handling equipment in various ways: by optimizing journey times, increasing plant safety, reducing times and errors in an era that bases the competitive advantage of many companies on logistics. SilwaCAM offers precise localization and, thanks to the adoption of optical technology, has an efficacy comparable to that of alternative solutions but with a drastic reduction in implementation complexity and cost. It is therefore the ideal choice for quickly updating the system, for making the most of innovative technologies and for touching new levels of productivity and efficiency first-hand, with a keen eye on sustainability and safety.


SilwaGO, the complete WMS for SMEs
SilwaGO was created to meet the needs of companies that want to adopt a WMS to optimize warehouse logistics flows but do not need complex, highly customized and modular projects. SilwaGO has all the robustness of Silwa, but adds strong accessibility and the benefits of the packaged and all-in-one solution, including simplicity and speed of implementation.

SilwaGO manages internal logistics flows, from goods acceptance to product shipment: all intermediate processes are optimized with the same effectiveness that has always distinguished the Silwa® suite. The product offers complete functional coverage and can be integrated with all ERPs on the market. Among the main benefits, companies can make the most of the available logistics space, streamline internal logistics flows, optimize times and costs, digitize processes and maximize the efficiency of warehouse operations.


Enter the 4.0 world with SilwaMID
In the field of internal logistics, the use of automatic and semi-automatic means is the main road towards efficiency, optimization of productivity, safety and the transition towards the Industry 4.0 paradigm. However, automation involves major investments and, often, the replacement of operational information systems, which do not always allow easy interconnection with the most advanced systems and technologies.

SilwaMID is the solution to these needs. It is a stand-alone software that connects any information system (from ERP to WMS, MES and other departmental systems) to the world of machines: AGV systems, automatic warehouses, geolocation systems and much more. For this reason, SilwaMID is a “4.0 Ready” technology, i.e. it allows those who adopt it to embark on the path towards the Industry 4.0 model. The benefits of its adoption are decidedly numerous, ranging from the optimal use of resources to maximizing productivity, but without forgetting the automation of repetitive activities, the reduction of business costs and the increase in customer satisfaction.