Silwa MES Application Module

Check and supervise the production processes by optimizing times, costs and the management of all resources

The Production module guarantees total control of the production process, with transparency and optimization of all phases and workflows. It is the ideal tool for companies that want to make production agile, flexible and efficient, aligning it with the challenges of increasingly competitive markets.


  • Real-time visibility and total process management

    Starting from the Production Order, the MES module manages the picking lists and follows the progress of the processes by phase and level, based on a production layout integrated with the logistic mapping. The MES detects consumption, times, costs and resources used, allowing staff to make the best decisions to optimize processes.

  • Simplified processes and advanced reporting

    An icon of Manufacturing 4.0, MES simplifies and makes transparent the production processes, allowing to identify possible bottlenecks and hidden costs to be eliminated. The module generates reports on all vital parameters of the production process, with an excellent level of detail.


  • Optimization of production processes

  • Increased agility and flexibility

  • Production time and costs reduction

  • Rapid identification of critical issues

  • Product quality improvement